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Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions


Visitors and users of “DIGITAL ART HOUSE” SIA Internet shop (hereinafter referred to as I-shop) shall agree to observe the Terms of Use below.
I-shop shall be managed by “DIGITAL ART HOUSE” SIA (hereinafter referred to as “DIGITAL ART HOUSE”), registered address: Krišjāņa Valdemāra iela 33 - 4, Rīga, LV-1010.

1. Subject of the Agreement

1.1. “DIGITAL ART HOUSE” is entitled to change specialised ticket form if damaged, under a condition that the ticket form can be identified, and the buyer has received in in the points of sale of “DIGITAL ART HOUSE”.

2. Price and payment

2.1. Prices of tickets and number of tickets for the respective price available in the I-shop may vary up to the moment when client has added tickets to his/her shopping basket.
2.2. Tickets with different prices may be available for one event at the same time.
2.3. Special ticket offers or special prices may be available, and conditions and term of such offers shall be specified in description of each individual event.
2.4. Payment for tickets chosen in the I-shop shall be performed within 30 minutes, during which the client shall perform settlement of the transaction by payment cards (VISA, Mastercard).
2.5. If the payment has not been performed within 30 minutes, transaction is cancelled, tickets are put in free trade and the client shall repeat purchase transaction.
2.6. Tickets purchase in internetshop tickets.digitalarthouse.eu is paid service.
2.7. E-shop does not provide ticket booking option and the payment for the selected tickets must be made within 30 minutes of adding them to the basket.
2.8. “DIGITAL ART HOUSE” shall be entitled to cancel any purchase, if any doubt occurs in relation to possible fraudulent content of the transaction. Use of third person’s Internet banking, payment card and/or use of payment card data, including purchase of products or services shall be considered illegal. Person, found guilty of such criminal action, may be held accountable under the Criminal Law of the Republic of Latvia.
2.9. After the purchase, an electronically generated ticket is automatically sent to the email address, that buyer entered during the registration process.

3. Liability of Seller

3.1. One client shall be entitled to purchase maximum 8 tickets for one event at one purchase, unless the event organiser has stipulated otherwise.
3.2. “DIGITAL ART HOUSE” shall not verify identity of users, except Username and Password. Without prejudice to the foregoing, any and all visitors or users of the “DIGITAL ART HOUSE” I-shop grant their unconditional consents to “DIGITAL ART HOUSE” for the handling of their personal data, including data collection, registration, recording, storing, arrangement, transformation, utilisation, transfer, transmission and dissemination, blockage or erasure in the essence of the Personal Data Protection Law as applicable in the Republic of Latvia. Data manager and data operator is SIA “DIGITAL ART HOUSE”.
3.3. The personal data handled by “DIGITAL ART HOUSE” under these Terms of Use is limited to the data granted by the visitor or user of the “DIGITAL ART HOUSE” I-shop online by filling in the data for purchasing tickets or registering as a user of the “DIGITAL ART HOUSE” I-shop. The sole purpose of the handling of personal data in the context of these Terms of Use is operating the online “DIGITAL ART HOUSE” I-shop located at tickets.digitalarthouse.eu and sending the users newsletter of “DIGITAL ART HOUSE”, whereas for the above-referred purposes “DIGITAL ART HOUSE” shall be entitled to transfer the personal data to the companies belonging to the same group of companies with “DIGITAL ART HOUSE” or in case of transfer of enterprise to a third party acquiring the enterprise of the “DIGITAL ART HOUSE” I-shop.
3.4 The event may be broadcast in TV and internet, it can be widely reported in the mass media and other mass information means. By attending the event, you consent that:
3.4.1 You may be photographed or recorded in a video;
3.4.2 Your photo may be used during TV and internet broadcast, films, photos, audiovisual records etc. mass media publications.
3.5 You can find contact information of “DIGITAL ART HOUSE” in the beginning of these Terms and Conditions of Use, and it is also available at www.digitalarthouse.eu.
3.6 Neither “DIGITAL ART HOUSE”, nor event organiser checks the identity of ticket buyer or owner, and it does not undertake responsibility for losses caused in this regard.
3.7. “DIGITAL ART HOUSE” shall not verify user’s right to purchase tickets with discount. Purchase of such tickets shall not guarantee entrance to the venue site. Entrance right in such case shall be verified at the venue site.
3.8. Any violation of the I-shop Terms of Use shall entitle “DIGITAL ART HOUSE” to block access to and/or cancel purchase of tickets by any user.
3.9. “DIGITAL ART HOUSE” shall not be responsible for articles, comments or other data entered by the I-shop users on web-site.
3.10. “DIGITAL ART HOUSE” web-site may include references and links to worldwide information on the Internet. Since “DIGITAL ART HOUSE” has no control over these sites and information they provide, “DIGITAL ART HOUSE” shall not be liable for consistency, relevance and information content of the abovementioned sites.
3.11. Any usage of this website (for ticket sales, advertising, business purposes or any other commercial activity), including reference to “DIGITAL ART HOUSE”, without prior written consent by “DIGITAL ART HOUSE”, shall be prohibited.

4. Liability of Purchaser

4.1. User of the I-shop shall agree not to interfere in any way with proper functioning and technical solutions of the I-shop. Any monitoring of use of the I-shop and copying, reproducing, adjusting, using and publishing data for any purpose shall be prohibited. Any action that may cause unreasonably large download on the I-shop or ticket booking system shall be prohibited.
4.2. When using the I-shop, users shall confirm/agree:
• That they are at least 18 years old and fully liable persons (for persons of 7-18 years having limited liability, confirmation by fully liable person is required to use the I-shop);
• To observe all Terms of Use of the I-shop;
• To bear full responsibility for not disclosing his/her Username or Password to any third party;
• Not to use any third person’s payment card;
• To observe terms of ticket use which are printed on each ticket.
4.3. In case of any violation of these Terms of Use, “DIGITAL ART HOUSE” shall be entitled to block access and/or cancel purchase of tickets by any user.

5. Cancellation of Order/Repayment of Transaction Sum

5.1. According to Regulation No. 255 by the Cabinet of Ministers of 20 May, 2014 regarding Distance Contracts, Article 22.12: „Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, consumers may not exercise the right of withdrawal, if a seller or service provider after entering into the contract regarding accommodation or transport services, catering or entertainment events undertakes to provide the service on a specific day or within a specific time period”, and the purchased tickets shall not be redeemed, unless provided otherwise by the organizer.
5.2. If the event is cancelled, postponed or place of venue is changed, “DIGITAL ART HOUSE” shall not be liable for exchange or reimbursement of tickets.
5.3. If the event is cancelled or postponed client will receive refund of nominal value of the ticket.
5.4. Exchange and/or reimbursement shall be arranged by organizer of the event or “DIGITAL ART HOUSE”, if respective agreement with the organizer of the event has been concluded.
5.5. “DIGITAL ART HOUSE” shall not bear any liability for cancelled events, their organisation, advertising or information in relation to such events, or for any possible loss or reimbursement that may result from cancellation of any event.
5.6. All claims in relation to content, quality and advertising of event shall be submitted to organizer of the event.
5.7. Any disagreements arising from the use of the I-shop shall be solved under legislation of the Republic of Latvia.
5.8. These Terms of Use are available on “DIGITAL ART HOUSE” home page: www.digitalarthouse.eu.